PLC lift – Portable car lift

PLC Lift with lifting height of 1300 cm and lifting capacity of 2500 kg. After the first time assembly of the lift you can easily assemble it in under 10 minutes, and be ready to work. It is easy to move, and does not take up much space when not in use. The PLC Lift can be used in all garages with standard height and standard 10 cm. concrete floor. The PLC Lift makes both parking and working in the garage possible. It is a safer alternative to the car jack, provides a better working position and is lockable using safety pins at 5 levels.

IN STOCK FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY. NOK 13700,- eks VAT, excluded delivery.

If you are located outside of Norway/Sweeden some additional shipping cost may be charged depending on adress. Please contact us for a quote . 


Bilde av PLC portabel løftebukk for private garasjer. Løftebukken er nedsenket og uten bil på. Står i garasje

Specifications of PLC Lift:

  • Lifting capacity: 2500 Kg.
  • Max capacity / Front Axle*: 1250 Kg.
  • Max capacity / Rear Axle*: 1250 Kg.
  • Max load per arm:  625 Kg.
  • A – Total height: 2600 mm.
  • B – Column height: 1790 mm.
  • C – Width (outside Base): 3300 mm. – 3450 mm.
  • D – Arm length (Min.): xxx mm.
  • E – Arm length (Max.): xxx mm.
  • H – Max lifting height :1300 mm. 
  • Engine: 110-220 VAC / 50-60 Hz. 1Ph.
  • Length of hose(s): 5000 mm.
  • Time to full height: 45 seconds
  • Weight pr column: 170 Kg.
  • Ce-approved

*To top of cylinder when at maximum lifting height.

Hydraulic power unit

The flow divider is the heart of the system of the PLC lift, and provides a precise and balanced lift. The flow divider distributes the hydraulic power between the columns, even if the pressure of the load distributor changes. This means that if the weight is unevenly divided between the cylinders, the lift will still lift evenly. Our standard mobile hydraulic power generator is small enough to be stored out of sight, and has all the necessary hangers for the hydraulic hoses. The hydraulic power generator uses a double coiled 1 phase electronic engine needing 110v-230v 50-60 hz. 16 amp fuse. The supply line is of an industrial quality, and is about 1 meter long. The lift is lifted using a button, and lowered using a push rod. You can easily assemble quick couplings from hoses for either single or double column use.


The 2-columned car lift has affixed wheels making it possible to use the lift when you need to, and stow it away when no longer needed. This frees much place for parking. From stored unit to lifted car in under 15 minutes. The lift is easily assembled using «drop in»-anchors with internal screw-threads.

Bilde av løftebukken som flyttes vekk for å frigjøre plass

Double direct driving technology

By using two low pressure-high volume low pressure (HVLP) direct driving cylinders we have eliminated the need for lifting chains or screw mechanisms, which is often found on similar devices. Direct driving technology with HVLP means better reliability, a smoother operation and less maintenance.

Bilde som viser sylindrene som betnyttes i løftebukken med obbel direktekjørings teknologi

Hydraulic cylinders of industrial quality

Micro-smooth chrome-rod is made from high yield, grounded and polished C-1045/50 micro-alloy and covered to a minimum of 0,001″ engraving, to ensure superior operation and life time.

Nærbilde av løftearmene på løftebukken for å vise detaljer på kvaliteten

Access under the car

The PLC lift provides increased access underneath the car, as well as unhindered floor space. Now you can easily reach the underside of the engine, the gear box, the drive shaft, starters, the differential exhaust and all other areas demanding access from underneath the car. At the same time you obtain a good and correct working height when performing work on tyres and other areas of the car.

Bilde som illustrerer at man får tilgang under bilen ved bruk av løftebukken. På bildet ser man en man som sitter under bilen og ser i hjulbuen.

2 in 1

You can purchase a motorcycle adapter as extra equipment for the PLC lift. This allows you to safely lift motorcycles, ATVs and other motorized vehicles to a comfortable working height. We also have a range of other equipment under development, and we will continue to develop and adapt to our consumer’s needs.

Maintenance free carriage

Instead of using a rolling carriage which needs constant lubrication and maintenance, we use future-oriented, fully liquid UHMW load carriages with a polyethylene with an ultra-high molecular weight, needing minimum lubrication and will in most cases last as long as the lift.

Detailed safety instructions

Every lift is accompanied with detailed and graphic instructions on assembly, safety and maintenance.

High-speed hydraulics

Free-flow, high-pressure-3/8″ hydraulic tubes and a high-flow pump with an integrated AC-unit increases both lifting and lowering lever for increased productivity.

► PLC Lift warranty

The PLC Lift system comes with a 24 month limited warranty on the structure of the lift and other lifting components, as well as a 12 month warranty on the hydraulic component, hydraulic cylinders and other components.

Bilde av hydraulisk aggregat som hører til PLC løftebukken

Automatic locking of lifting arms

Each arm is equipped with a durable locking device on the arm which is automatically activated every time the lift is lifted. When the lift is lowered to the starting position the lock is deactivated and the lifting arms may be re-positioned.

Nærbilde av låsering som låser løftearmene automatisk under løft.

 ► Safety lock made of solid steel

Our robust safety lock is capable of lifting 3 times its stated lifting capacity, meaning you vehicles are safely lifted, and stays safe.

Nærbilde av sikkerhetslås på løftebukken. Bildet viser bil løftet opp på løftebukk med sikkerhetslås satt i.

Safety functions from the floor and up

The lifting system of the PLC lift is designed with a high focus on safety. Our factory has 10 years of experience with the construction of lifts, and dedicated work combined with materials of superior quality is what makes the PLC Lift one of the safest on the market today. No-one in the business has a more sophisticated and comprehensive research and quality control than our factory, and our customers across Europe are a testimony to that.

  • The low-pressure HVLP direct drive cylinders eliminates the need for lifting chains or other screw mechanisms which you often find on similar equipment.
  • The hydraulic cylinders have an integrated speed lock and safety valves.
  • A flow divider constructed from cast iron provides a divided lift for precise division of hydraulic power.
  • Solid steel locks are capable of lifting 3 times their stated lifting capacity.
  • The lifting arms are automatically locked every time the lift is lifted.
  • Detailed instructions on assembly, maintenance and safety are included with your lift.

Gausel Trading encourages all owners to know the equipment and adhere to the safety precautions when using our products. Your PLC lift is constructed with a focus on your safety, but the ultimate responsibility of the safety is yours.

Low profile

Fits under most sports-chassis and lowered vehicles.

Bilde for å illustrere at løftebukken støtter lav profil. Nærbilde av løftearmene under en lavprofil bil

Adjustable lifting arms

Single column

The columns are purposefully produced in one piece. This makes the columns extra strong and reduces the risk of metal fatigue during high load. The columns are produced at the factory in China, and are fully CE-approved and conforms to the ISO 9000-standard.

Wide or narrow assembly

The lift may be assembled to the width matching your car. You can choose to assemble several anchor points at varied positions to adapt the lift to other vehicles.

Durable powder coated surface

Each PLC lift has a durable powder coated surface which provides a high quality and extremely durable surface of the metal, able to withstand the harshest environmental or chemical conditions. Contrary to other companies who claim they powder coat, we are proud of our thorough 10-step process.

Anchor bolts

Sleeve with internal threads There are no elements protruding from the concrete when the lift is stowed away.


The PLC lift is thoroughly tested concerning load and has gone through a range of quality tests to ensure the safety of the car and any people working below the car. See the video presenting the test performed in conjunction with the producing factory. Videos of cheaply produced lifts tested to maximum lifting capacity are available on Youtube. The results of these videos are deformation and collapse just above stated lifting capacity.   Our PLC Lift has a capacity of 2500 kg, and as shown in the video it does not collapse until it reaches 17 tons, which provides a safety factor of 680%. The attached anchor bolts are individually tested from the producer, and each bolt is designed to withstand minimum 5 tons when correctly assembled.   Testing parameter   Fc 3000 PSI corresponds to b30 armoured concrete (strength of cement), 10 cm thick. Test weight= 2500 kg (maximum considered load)   Load on floor and stress on anchor at maximum considered load:   Stressload forward anchor bolt (per unit) = 433kg. (2 bolts) compression load (per unit) =1534 kg. (2 bolts) stress load rear anchor bolt (per unit) = 1468 kg. (3 bolts) Testing of physical anchor bolt: Considered strength of anchor/bolt (per unit) = 5706 kg. Factual breaking point of anchor/bolt (per unit) = 10388 kg. (average)   Result:   Tension stress per bolt = 1287 tension, load per ALI B-1 diagram. Tension stress per bolt = 1468 tension, load per fully stretched arm.   FAQ Contact us if you do not find an answer to your question.   What do I get when ordering a PLC Lift? When you order a lift you get everything you need for 1st time assembly. The only thing you need to buy separately is hydraulic oil. If you need to move or use the lift in separate locales we also sell extra anchor bolts.   Will the bolts protrude from the floor when the lift is in store? No, the lift is assembled using drop-in anchors with internal screw threads which are even with the floor when the lift is removed.   Is there any chance the anchor bolts will collapse when lifting a car? Anchor bolts are as safe to use as traditional expansion bolts. Each anchor is designed to carry 5 tons when correctly assembled.   What are the demands to the floor the anchor is attached to? Minimum 10 cm b30 armoured concrete.  If you do not have the correct floor, or are unsure if the foundation is strong enough, you can cut out a 1×1 m section of the floor in the centre of where the columns are to be located, and dog 40 cm. down. This will provide you with a foundation of approximately 1 ton under each column.   Can the lift be sent as cash on delivery? We currently only accept pre-paid orders. This frees us from a lot of work with collecting money from customers who do not pay. We are a small company operating purely on equity capital, and have few expenses in connection to the running of the business. This provides the customer with safety, and gives us the opportunity to sell our goods at the lowest possible price.   What drill dimensions to I need for the anchor bolts? For the installation of the anchor bolts you need a 22mm. concrete drill longer than 10 cm.   We will continue to update with more questions.   Please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail if you have any questions.